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    Hi. I created a role that only gives access to read/edit/delete Gravit Forms Entries.
    However, we have this plugin installed – – to manage the reordering of various Custom Post Type posts, and this new Role is letting the User’s set to this role Re-order any of these CPTs. When I edit the Role, I do not see anything for Post Types Order. The only items I have checked are Read (under General), and items for Gravity Form entries. How to I remove the Reorder function?



    “Settings->Post Types Order” is always protected by ‘manage_options’ capability.
    There is the “Minimum level to use this plugin” options at the “Settings->Post Types Order” page.
    ‘Re-order’ menu item under “Posts”, “Pages” or “Custom post type” menus is protected depending from the choice made in the drop-down menu for the option above:
    Administrator – manage_options
    Editor – publish_pages
    Author – publish_posts,

    So you if did not grant ‘manage_options’, ‘publish_pages’, ‘publish_posts’ to your role and select ‘Administrator’, ‘Editor’ or “Author” for minimum level of access to “Post Types Order” (PTO) plugin users with your role should not see the options related to PTO plugin functionality.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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