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    In the page editor, there are 4 options for “actions”, meaning 4 responses to inssuficient rights :

      – Return 404
      – Show Access Error Message
      – Show Custom Access error message
      – Redirect to URL

    In the global settings, there are only 3 actions, the first 3 ones. So how can I reproduce the action of the 4th one ?

    Ideally, my plan is as follow : (1) Create a general page, with content like “not enought right, please login or contact administration if you’re already logged-in”, (2) redirect the insufficient rights to this page.

    This is possible with action 4, but I’d need to do it for every page. Is there a way to make it global, even if I need to edit the “functions.php” page ?

    Thanks & best regards, Xavier


    any update on this one ? Actually, I’ve noticed that the single page “redirect to URL” do not even work, at least on my website.


    I missed this question somehow. Redirection is still unavailable as a default option.


    Feature is realized in the development version and will be available with the next release of User Role Editor Pro. It will be a version 4.48 according to the current plan.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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