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    Hi, I just added plugin Content Aware Sidebars to my site and it seems great (free version, that is said not to contain any user role settings, but the pro version does). Except I just found that the plugin somehow inactivates my User role settings for certain menu items and widgets. Settings to show/not show to logged in users/non logged in users. Now everything shows to everyone. Sidebar plugin somehow disabled user role settings. But I am in a staging area so I can not give you a URL. Do you know if these two plugins do have a conflict, or if they usually work well together? Do you know a solution? Do I have to use another plugin?



    It’s the 1st request about “Content Aware Sidebars” (CAS) plugin. Give me more details (screenshots are appreciated) about what URE Pro settings are not worked with CAS plugin together. How do you use CAS? Did you using CAS place some widget inside a post with content view restriction and that widget was shown for all in spite of that restriction?. Show screenshots of post content from editor page and front-end and view restriction set for it.

    How it’s related to menu?


    Vladimir: feel free to delete this question if you want to, as the question is wrong and we now have fixed this via email.

    If someone else wants to know: After more testing I found out there is No problem with URE and the sidebars. But there are a small incompatibility with the plugin Nextend Accordion Menu, and Vladimir will fix that.

    Problem solved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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