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    Hello Valdimir!

    We used your URE free for some time now and it’s working like a charm. So we purchased the Pro Version some weeks ago because we would kind of support your work and development. We do this on an irregular basis from time to time for the plugins we use. We are also supporting other plugins. Actually we don’t need the additional functions of the URE pro version. Maybe only Auto-Update would be a nice feature for us but it’s not necessary.
    To the point: we were asking ourselves if it is a good idea to upgrade from free to pro (like in your tutorial) if we maybe want to go back to free version next year. Because if the Pro-licence will expire after one year, maybe we would lose all the free version functionality and our customized permissions.

    Our questions:

    1. Is downgrading easily possible without losing free version functionality?
    2. Is it possible to go back to free version updates after the Pro-Version has expired?

    I could not find any answer to this in the forum… But maybe you can point me in the right direction?

    Thank you very much for your work and support!
    Beste regards!

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