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    This is the issue, there are 20+ users that only need access to 2 of the 40+ pages. Here is what the user settings look like.

    Core capabilities:

    • edit_others_pages
    • edit_pages
    • edit_private_pages
    • edit_published_pages
    • publish_pages
    • read
    • unfiltered_html
    • upload_files

    Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types Editor Restrictions
    with post ID (comma separated) = 319

    With these settings the user are not able to use the revisions within the Edit Page. However if Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types Editor Restrictions is set to “Prohibit to edit posts/pages/custom post types:“. The revisions function works as expected. Am I missing something or is this a bug maybe? Please help. Thanks



    I confirm the bug.

    When WordPress generates a link to revisions page it checks if user can edit a revision. But it is definitely not in a list of allowed posts. User does not get a valid link to a revisions for this reason.
    So if I get a request to check if user is allowed to edit a revision I should check if he is allowed to edit that revisions’s parent post.

    I will fix it in upcoming soon version 4.25.
    Thanks for your help.



    If you are interested you may test development version 4.25.b2, which fixed this bug.
    It’s available from the download page after login.



    Thanks for the quick update! I was able to confirm that 4.25.b3, corrected the issue.

    Do you have a tip jar? I would like to send some thanks your way!!!

    I plan on purchasing “Pro Unlimited Lifetime” in the very near future.


    Thanks for the feedback and help with testing.
    Upgrade to the higher membership plan will be the best gratuity :).

    FYI: If you decide to purchase “Lifetime” plan until June, 13, 2016, you may pay a regular price decreased on the $29 you payed already. Just send a sum to my PayPal account (support [at-sign] and inform me about that. I will upgrade your membership plan then.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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