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    I just realised that when a new user is created, the restriction applied to the plugin admin menu access for that role are not taken into effect automatically.
    The user role should first be network upgraded again before the settings are then applied to the new user. See video below for illustration.

    Is there a way to fix this?


    Thanks for this report. I will re-test the code, which replicates add-ons data from the main site to the new registered site with roles together.



    I will be waiting for your update.



    I confirm a problem with add-ons data replication from the main site to the new created one. They were not replicated as automatic replication of add-ons data is switched off by default. You need to set custom filter in order to tell to URE what add-ons data to replicate. Filter is: ure_addons_to_copy_for_new_blog.
    In order to replicate “Plugins access” add-on data this line is needed additionally:

    $addons['plugins']->copy = true;

    2nd possible issue: Current version of URE uses ‘wpmu_new_blog’ action to execute own function for roles data replication. Starting from WordPress 5.1 this action was deprecated and process of new site creation was rewritten.
    I developed the fix. It’s currently available as the beta version 4.50.4.b1.


    I tried to install the beta version but it didnt fix the issue.

    I have created a custom plugin with the filter you sent me but this doesn’t work either. The code I have added in the plugin are below. Is this exactly what you requested to do?

    add_filter(‘ure_addons_to_copy_for_new_blog’, ‘ure_addons_to_copy_for_new_blog’, 10, 1);
    function ure_addons_to_copy_for_new_blog($addons) {
    $addons[‘admin_menu’]->copy = true;
    $addons[‘widgets_admin’]->copy = true;
    $addons[‘widgets_show’]->copy = true;
    $addons[‘meta_boxes’]->copy = true;
    $addons[‘other_roles’]->copy = true;
    $addons[‘plugins’]->copy = true;
    return $addons;


    Is it possible to check online? If ‘Yes’, send site link and superadmin credentials to support [at-sign]


    Let’s clarify the things:
    2 things should be made together:
    1) use beta version of URE which includes a fix;
    2) properly install a custom code (you listed above).

    I see that your site uses currently the stable version of URE 4.50.3. It has a related issue after WordPress 5.1 release and discussed feature does not work under it.


    Thanks for your constructive collaboration.
    I found and fixed the issue, prevented to add-ons data copy to a new subsite in your case:
    – Fix: WordPress multisite: add-ons data from the main site was not copied to a new subsite in case new subsite was created from front-end.

    Let’s try the next beta version: 4.50.4.b2.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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