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    Hello Vladimir,
    I am in the pro version of the plugin.
    I am facing a sql problem. Error 500 and in my error report I have the lines below.

    Could you tell me what I did wrong!
    Because I admit that I am not comfortable with the plugin at the moment.

    But already if I could stop the recurent 500 errors, it would be a big step before I could immerse myself in its programming!

    Thank you for your help

    [Wed Oct 21 21: 01: 17.292316 2020] [fcgid: warn] [pid 1381: tid 139771389146880] [client …:65133] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: mysqli_query (): Error reading result set’s header in …/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 2033, referer: …/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=settings-user-role-editor-pro.php


    I forgot !
    Here is a link to screen shots of my settings :


    Hi Olivia,

    Does this error occur only in relation of the URE Pro settings page? Are there similar records related to other plugins?
    If such records are generated only from URE’s settings page, can you look at the MySQL server log ( probably /var/log/mysql/error.log ) and find what SQL query leads to the timeout in execution?
    URE reads its settings from and writes to wp_options db table and it should not take much time generally.


    Hello Vladimir:

    The log errors have evolved, I modified my settings in the users roles. And this now focuses on my Restrict content Pro plugin.

    The SQL troubles started after programming URE.

    But I don’t know if it is your plugin which triggers it or Restrict Content Pro which is in conflict or even if it is a problem calling the template … I cannot translate these log errors which are repetitive with each registration now.

    [Fri Oct 23 07: 35: 45.538084 2020] [fcgid: warn] [pid 578: tid 139772011583232] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: Database error \ xc3 \ xa9es WordPress You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘WHERE creator_id = 11’ at line 1 for the requ \ xc3 \ xaate SELECT COUNT (*) FROM WHERE creator_id = 11 made by require (‘wp- blog-header.php ‘), require_once (‘ wp-includes / template-loader.php ‘), include (‘ / themes / theissue-child / page-default.php ‘), get_footer, locate_template, load_template, require_once (‘ /themes/theissue-child/footer.php ‘), get_template_part, locate_template, load_template, require (‘ / themes / theissue / inc / templates / footer / footer-style1.php ‘), do_action (‘ thb_footer_columns’), WP_Hook- > do_action, WP_Hook-> apply_filters, thb_footer_columns, dynamic_sidebar, WP_Widget-> display_callback, thb_posts-> widget, get_template_part, locate_template, load_template, require (‘/ themes / theissue / inc / templates / post-styles / thumbnail / style4.php’ ), post_class, get_post_class, apply_filters (‘post_class’), WP_Hook-> apply_filters, rcp_post_classes, rcp_user_can_access, RCP_Customer-> can_access, apply_filt ers (‘rcp_member_can_access’), WP_Hook-> apply_filters, RCPBP_Groups-> maybe_restrict_group, RCPBP_Groups-> can_create_group, RCPBP_Groups :: count_user_groups_created, QM_DB./uyps://

    On the site I use the “Restrict Content Pro” plugin which has the function of managing the subscriptions of my members and limiting my content to my subscribers who have different access levels.

    In my subscribers, I have some who simply read.
    Others who can create articles. (I simplify)

    URE allows me to create user roles with content editing capabilities in specific categories.

    Restrict content pro in addition to memberships allows me to limit who sees my content.

    It seems to me that both plugins have limiting features that overlap and that creates a conflict.

    But it’s intuitive.
    I cannot prove it!

    IF you see something that inspires you, thank you!



    The SQL command ‘SELECT COUNT (*) FROM WHERE creator_id = 11’ really misses db table name just after the ‘FROM’ keyword. It’s a reason to ask support from “Restrict Content Pro” (RCP) plugin developers.

    If you plan to restrict access to the content via RCP plugin, switch off User Role Editor Pro content view restrictions add-on at the URE’s settings. It’s active currently according to your screenshots.

    Try to monitor your site logs with one of plugins deactivated.


    thank you Vladimir,
    I already have sent a request to “Restrict Content Pro” (RCP) plugin developpers. I deactivate the content view addon in URE’s settings.

    The good new is you didn’t see a conflict between the twos plugins.

    I plan to set up a plugin to publish front end posts. Do you have any idea for a plugin that works well with yours?

    Thank you

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