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    I get this message when I enable the pro version.

    It seems that other copy of User Role Editor is active. Check if it’s deactivated before activate this one.

    But when I deactivate the free version the URE admin pages no longer load.

    Do we need to have BOTH free and pro enabled and active?

    Other issue…

    When I deactivate pro and activate pro the license key section says invalid and all my general settings along with pro modules get reset to default. Can the plugin keep these setting when disabled and only reset when we delete? Is there an setting import/export option for the plugin itself?




    You don’t need to have both free and Pro version. Only Pro version is enough.

    How to install Pro version and do not lose changes made by free version

    Plugin should not reset its settings on re-activation.
    There is no option to export/import plugin settings in UI. You may backup/restore the database record if needed:

    SELECT * from wp_options WHERE option_name=’user_role_editor’;

    Your license key is active. You may check it directly via browser using the link below:

    Check if this link is not blocked by your hosting provider firewall


    Thank you Vladimir for the help doc. The issue was me deleting the free version from the UI which was causing the settings to be deleted as well as mentioned in your help doc.


    There is no issue. Delete free version. Install only Pro version from .zip you taken at after login. Activate it. Got to the Settings->User Role Editor. Is it URE settings there?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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