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    I’m trying to redirect some user-only pages to a custom “create an account or redirect” page.
    So I’ve used the following setup :
    – View Access = Allow
    – For users = Any user role (logged in)
    – Action = “Redirect to URL” and set the url to my custom URL (

    The result is that the redirection is failing and the default 404 page is displayed, with the “no content found” default page.

    So I’d consider that this option is not properly working or that I’ve inserted a wrongly formatted url. I’ve tried with different variation (ex. “shop/product-access-denied/” or even, but without any success. The redirection simple don’t work.

    What should I do ?


    I tested the same content view setting for the page at my development environment and did not repeat the issue. Redirection worked.
    So your case needs further investigation.

    Is it possible to get from you a backup copy of your site? I would setup it at my local dev. environment and try to isolate the issue.

    If ‘Yes’, make it with plugin UpdraftPlus): files (without ‘wp-uploads’ folder) and database. Share .zip files with support [at-sign] via DropBox or similar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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