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    #My WordPress System (total 62 plugins):
    Wordpress 4.2.5 Multisite install (by folder)
    WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.5
    WooCommerce 2.4.13
    WooCommerce Multilingual 3.7.9
    Wordfence Security 6.0.24
    User Role Editor Pro 4.23.2

    #Login with Super Administrator: select the followings ONLY:
    Network Admin -> Settings -> User Role Edditor Options:
    General -> Show Administrator role at User Role Editor
    General -> Show capabilities in the human readable form
    General -> Confirm role update
    General -> Show plugins/themes notices to admin only
    Additional Modules -> Activate Administrator Menu Access module
    Multisite -> Allow non super administrators to create, edit, and delete users
    Multisite -> Allow single site administrator access to User Role Editor
    Multisite -> Show help links for single site administrator

    Then Go to Single Site -> Users -> User Role Editor
    Select Shop Manager
    Select Admin Menu -> popup and select block Menu => (ok with checkbox shown)

    #Logout and Login with Site Administrator
    (Site Administrator has all ure capabiliites selected – total 17 items)
    Select Shop Manager
    Select Admin Menu -> popup and select block Menu =>
    (ok but not checkbox shown => thus can’t select)

    How to solve?


    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the information. There is a mistake in the condition that prevents single admin from blocking menu items for himself. I will include a fix to the next update.
    As a quick fix you may open user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/admin-menu-view.php and replace line #133

    $readonly_mode = (!$lib->multisite && $allowed_roles[0]=='administrator') || ($lib->multisite && !is_super_admin()); 

    with this one:

    $readonly_mode = (!$lib->multisite && $allowed_roles[0]=='administrator') || ($lib->multisite && !is_super_admin() && $allowed_roles[0]=='administrator'); 
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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