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    … we’ve no access to “Avada Library Elements” if your URE-Pro active.
    All other role rules seem to work fine.

    If we deactivate YOUR URE-Pro, then works without problems/we’ve access to this elements. Which option is necessary to become access to this “Avada Library Elements”?
    Have we (perhaps) too much options activated under URE-“Additional Modules” (page=settings-user-role-editor-pro.php)? If yes, which ones?

    Thx (и cпасибо) for your quick help/reaction.
    G, Mike


    … ok, we’ve found the reason (the option).

    It’s the option “Force custom post types to use their own capabilities” under URE-“Additional Modules” -> “Content editing restrictions”

    If she activated, then we’re no access to “Avada Library Elements”.

    The question is, for what is this option useful/what effect has she/when (in which cases) we need this option?

    Хорошего дня и спасибо! M.


    Hello Mike,

    This option is useful when site has few custom post types protected by the same (default) capability type (post): edit_posts, delete_posts, etc., but some users should have access to the subset of such post types only. When you turn this option ON, custom post type ‘video’ gets permissions: edit_videos, delete_videos instead. And you have to grant those new capabilities to a role or user in order provide access to this post type.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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