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    hallo i have the plugin Multisite User Management installed on my multisite..
    do you know if there is any uncompatibility with user role editor pro version??
    Do you think that user role editor pro version can do the same work as Multisite User Management??
    that means for me

    add new users to each of your sites and users are assigned a default role for each of your sites

    thanks for you reply


    I didn’t get reports about incompatibility issues between URE and MUM yet.
    With User Role Editor Pro you can follow this scenario:
    1) add new user to the main site.
    2) grant needed roles to this user.
    3) open this user capabilities under the ‘Network admin -> Users -> All users’
    You will see permissions which granted to him for the main site
    Click “Update Network” button to add this user with the same roles and capabilities to all the rest subsites of your multisite network.

    Roles and capabilities should exist at subsite in order to be granted to the new added user.
    Use ‘Network admin -> Users -> User Role Editor -> Update Network’ to replicate all roles and capabilities from the main site to all the rest subsites of the network.

    I think that following a scenario above you can do the same work as a MUM plugin offers according the quote you noted.


    hi i m interested in the possiblity that when a user register himself ( doesn’t matter in which site –main site or subsite), automaticaly is register in any other website ( like MUM does ), and the users are in sync all around the multisite without any manual work..
    is that possible with URE??



    It’s not possible currently.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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