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    Hello group, I’m creating a business directory, where many companies can create company profile pages.

    Bigger companies with a profile on my site would like to have several employees to be able to edit their company listing profile and the entries independently of one another.
    Of course, sharing user names and passwords does not make sense for data protection reasons.
    Therefore, of course, a solution in this direction would be useful:
    User 1 – has the right to edit the company profile
    User 1 can invite users 2 + 3 to also edit the profile or can withdraw their editing rights again.
    Something like a mini-mini-user role editor for the admin (author) of the profil 😉
    It would be important that, as the site administrator, I am not involved in every change, but that User 1 can practically carry out this procedure himself.
    The different co-author plugins doesn’t seems to be the right fit because as I have seen the author can choose from all site-authors and that’s not a good way ;-).
    Do you have any ideas or plugins for this case?
    Thanks very much.



    I don’t know plugins to recommend for this use case.

    Look if you may use the URE Pro add-on, if it is suitable:
    1) Content view restrictions – if company listing profile is a separate page and changes are made via front-end.
    2) Posts/Pages edit restrictions – if company listing profile is a separate page and is edited via back-end at the page editor.
    3) Other roles access add-on.

    If you can setup the list of user roles for your needs, user limited via “Other roles access” can grant only roles available for him and see users with this roles list only.


    Hi Vladimir,

    thank you very much. I#ll go your steps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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