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    I am running URE on a multisite install. When I go to URE from the network admin, or from the main site admin, the select element that should allow me to choose a role to edit, is blank. There are no roles to select.

    My site is behind a corporate VPN (i.e. intranet), so I can’t show it. But I am not getting any console errors.

    When I go to any of the child sites I can select a role to edit. But the reason I bought the Pro license was to set roles for all sites in the network.

    I have activated my license.


    License key activation is not related to this issue.

    Check if roles list is empty (not empty) at the “Users” page “Change role to:” drop-down list and at the “Role:” at some (not yours) user profile page.
    I suppose your main site may lose roles record somehow.


    I’m still working on this issue. I see in the database that the wp_usermeta table has some odd meta keys, such as aa_user-settings, aa_3_user_level, aa_4_capablities, etc. The prefix on my database is wp_ (wordpress default), not aa_. Is there a reason that there would be some keys prefixed with aa_? Or could this be why my user roles are missing?

    [edit] I also see an aa_user_roles key in my wp_options table. That’s the options for the root site. Is this correct?



    There is no visible reason for ‘aa_’ prefix inside permissions related database records until it may stay from the older data imported from the other database with such ‘aa_’ prefix.
    These articles describe how WordPress stores it’s roles:
    1) Single site;
    2) Multisite.

    WordPress multisite stores user permissions inside a single database table ‘wp_usermeta’ in assumption that database prefix is ‘wp_’.
    So look what ID your user has and try to get all permissions records related to this user with query like:

    SELECT * FROM wp_usermeta WHERE user_id=1 AND meta_key like '%capabilities';

    and look if a record with ‘wp_capabilities’ meta_key value is there or it is not.

    If it is not try to rename ‘aa_’ to ‘wp_’ and look if it will help.
    As always, it’s a good habit to make a fresh backup before any manual data change.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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