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    In our botanical website (, we have a custom post type called “Plants”. These pages/posts are about individual species or hybrids, and are organized by Genera. Multiple plants belong to each Genus (plural of which is Genera). Access to the Plant pages on the front end of the site is through listings organized by genus.

    In our setup, each of our many Editors are responsible for one or more genera; however, we have not found a way of restricting their edit/publish/delete access to the posts/pages within their assigned genera. In effect, they have access to all of this content, many thousands of pages, even though their own specific area may only have twenty or thirty pages. This represents a substantial security issue.

    Note that editors change/rotate, and whoever is responsible for each genus will be working with a great deal of content originally created by others. They are, in effect, curators of our collection of images and information within their assigned genera, not so much original creators.

    We would like to be able to restrict Editors to working only with their assigned genera, but see no way to do this through URE. Please advise.



    If ‘General’ is a kind of WordPress categories/taxonomies supported by “Plants” custom post type, “< a href="">Users access restriction for editing selected posts and pages only by category/taxonomy ID list” add-on should help you.

    You need to activate this add-on at “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab. Open every editor user profile and input there the list of ‘Genera’ IDs to the edit restrictions section:
    user profile edit restrictions by categories

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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