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    I am trying to limit users for the WPForms plugin. I do not want them to have access to anything else in the site. I have been able to do that so far.
    All these users need to be able to do is to go into the back-end and make adjustments as needed to the entries. However I have to have the manage_options checked to give them access. If this is not checked, even though the edit entries option is checked. It will not save the change on the entry.
    The issue is that having this checked gives the user options to delete forms or entries. We do not want them to have this ability at all.
    Does anyone have any ideas to be able to help in this situation?


    Yes, WPForms (I tested WPForms Lite) uses ‘manage_options’ capability by default for all its menu items. Good news that WPF does not check ‘manage_options’ directly, but makes it via function wpforms_get_capability_manage_options(), which allows to replace ‘manage_options’ with any other capability using custom filter ‘wpforms_manage_cap’. Try to add own piece of code to the active theme functions.php file or setup it as a must-use plugin:

    function replace_wpf_cap( $cap ) {
      return 'capability_of_your_choice';

    You can add custom capability ‘wpf_edit_forms’, for example and use it in this filter.
    I do not exclude that WPF Pro may use another permissions for its menu items and pages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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