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    I have installed the Crowdsignal plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/polldaddy/ on this blog http://bishops2.creativeblogs.net I have linked the blog to my crowdsignal.com account by entering the API key generated by Crowdsignal.

    When logged in as a super admin the plugin works fine. In the post editor I can click the “add poll” button above the toolbar and select polls I have created. I can also got to Feedback > Polls from the menu and view all the polls I have created.

    However, when I log in as an admin on the same blog the access to the Crowdsignal account no longer works, the pop up to select a poll to add in the post editor displays the blog dashboard, and Feedback > Polls displays an error saying: User Code Invalid, 920

    My immediate thought was a URE restriction so for the admin account I ensured that everything bar URE access options was allowed and in the Admin Menu restrictions I’ve ensured that no menu items are blocked. Still doesn’t work.

    Anything else I should be looking at?


    I have found a partial solution. In Settings > Polls there is an option to enable any account to access their own Crowdsignal account. If this setting is not ticked then any user logged in to the blog will be able to access the admin user’s Crowdsignal account via the API key:

    Multiple Crowdsignal Accounts This setting will allow each blog user to import a Crowdsignal account.

    Unticking this option enable any admin user to go to Feedback > Polls and grab the embed code/shortcode/link from the account. However, the “add poll” button in the post editor screen still only displays the dashboard in the pop up.



    To be sure that URE Pro is not involved here, deactivate it temporally and re-test. Let me know a result.

    I think, it’s better to ask question to polldaddy plugin support, as ‘User Code Invalid, 920’ is apparently their server API response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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