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    Hi. We have multiple roles. We need some Users to have 3 Roles. SDoL Page Editor (by a post ID at the User), AND News (by a Category at User ) AND Event Manager by Category (set by Category only at User). This is so managers of our different schools can change content on their pages, and the Categories of News and for Events for this School (categories are their school names). We thought this worked in the past, but not sure why they are not anymore. It is for and your user (userroleditor) with your email still is set as an Admin if you want to look. Please note that you helped with a similar need (but different because it was access to ALL Posts for one Role) with a Function found here: in case that helps.



    I looked at the adanderson user and see the former conflict of “Admin menu” settings for 2 roles:
    Problem was that “SDoL Page Editor” role has “Admin menu” “Not Selected” blocking model, but “News” role – “Selected”. When URE builds general admin menu for 2 roles it take blocking model from the 1st role and if blocking model of the 2nd role is different then it’s ignored. As a result ‘News’ menu is blocked via “Admin menu” restrictions set for the 1st role.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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