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    I’ve purchased the pro version because of the tutorial you offered here:

    Restrict uploads file types

    I activated it and it so far things are very smooth. Our use case is going to be for making it work more like your tutorial if we can.

    The only thing not working is that with my install the system never tells the user the file is too big or of wrong type. It just refreshes the screen after it’s finished assessing the file size or type violation. No problem or errors, just nothing happens. I can see it’s working though, because the files never get uploaded. Very nice.

    I’m suspecting the issue is not with your plugin, but with the WP JobManager add-on called “Applications”, which provides a form through which visitors can apply for jobs that employers have posted on our site. We believe your plugin can help us deal with the fact that this Applications form unfortunately uses the same method that the media library uses (wp_upload I think) and so we have to hook in all our own messaging I guess? Thanks!



    Could you send ‘Applications’ add-on copy to support [at-sign]
    I will look on the code and make some tests.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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