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    Peled Ben Yair

    Hi, I want to allow a user role to edit posts to a certain user id.
    I activated the posts edit option and when I choose the posts edit I some times see this
    but some times I do not see the with author user ID option
    What can be the reason for that?

    Peled Ben Yair

    In addition to that issue
    I understand that I need to check edit posts for that option to show.
    but if I check that checkbox the user is able to edit all the posts and not the posts that were created by a certain user.

    for example, I created a role named tikshuv_editor I want to let tikshuv_editor role the option to edit posts by user with userid = 4.

    but because I gave him the option to edit posts, tikshuv_editor is able to edit all the posts by all the users…
    How can I solve that?



    According to WordPress built-in permissions logic:
    – User can not edit any posts if he does not have ‘edit_posts’. User can not edit posts created by other users if he does not have ‘edit_others_posts’.

    Thus, ‘edit_posts’, ‘edit_others_posts’ capabilities are required both in order user can edit posts created by other users.

    URE shows ‘with author user ID’ field for user or role if it can at least ‘edit_others_posts’ or ‘edit_others_pages’ and restricts posts available for editing by posts created only by users which ID are listed in this field.

    I can just suppose according to your description, that some other plugin may change default WordPress permissions logic. Try temporally deactivate all plugins except URE Pro and test what posts are available for editing to restricted user. If it will work as expected, activate plugins back one by one with new test in order to isolate a conflict.

    Peled Ben Yair

    Thank you for your response.
    I have tried what you suggested, I found out that I can edit posts created by one specific user only with the id of 4 which is an administrator, If I tr other admins I can’t edit their posts.
    I have deactivated all plugins except URE and cptui

    this is the editor configuration
    What can be the issue?
    does the other user need to have a certain capability?

    Peled Ben Yair

    Can it be caused by something else?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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