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    Peled Ben Yair

    Hi. I have a custom post type with two custom taxonomies,

    I allowed the user to create a new post but the taxonomies are disabled.
    what can I do in order to allow the user to tag the post?



    1st, look for the assign__terms user capability. If you don’t see it and it does not work if you try manually add it, then I can suppose that custom taxonomy is defined with default capability type. Try to add to a role ‘edit_posts’ and/or ‘manage_categories’ capability.

    Peled Ben Yair

    Hi I added these three capabilities (link to image attached)
    assign_kb-cats_terms (though the category begins with underscore _kb-cats )
    amd I also added assign_info_terms (by the name of the CPT they belong to)

    I added the capabilities to the Author abilities
    but in the add CPT ui I still see the checkboxes as disabled… (link to image attached)




    Your reply have waited moderation due to the 2 link included. Thanks for the notification about this.

    I see that individual capabilities don’t work for your taxonomies. What about to try ‘edit_posts’ and if it will not help, ‘manage_categories’?

    Peled Ben Yair

    Thanks for the fast replay
    edit posts helped, but I dont want the users to be able to crud posts, comments or many other options that user the posts post type
    just the cpt
    is it possible?

    Peled Ben Yair

    edit posts add the red marked options to the admin side menu

    can I prevent this?


    Try to block unneeded admin menu items using “Admin menu blocking” add-on.

    Btw., I work on add custom taxonomies to the code executed for the URE’s option
    “Force custom post types to use their own capabilities”. This will replace ‘edit_posts’ for such taxonomies with ‘assign__terms’ capability. So you will not need to add ‘edit_posts’ for custom post types. I plan to add this to the next udpate.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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