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    How can I allow a custom user role to edit
    – the menu
    – the widgets
    of a site?

    I cannot find a core capability that seems to correspond to those areas and would show this menu.

    There is a “Admin Menu” button, but the sections “Design / widgets” and “Design / menu” don’t show up there.

    I am using a multisite installation and URE (pro) 4.20

    Thanks for a hint
    Best, Wolfgang


    Hi Wolfgang,

    You may always get information about capabilities in use opening “Admin menu” window for the “Administrator” role. Menu items under “Appearance” menu are protected with ‘edit_theme_options’.
    Add ‘edit_theme_options’ to your role, update it. Then open “Admin menu” for this role and block unneeded menu items for it.


    Thanks Vladimir for pointing me to the “edit_theme_opions”. Adding this to the role added the options I was looking for in the “Admin menu” area. Great help – thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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