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    We have bought User Role Editor and used it to an intranet to one of our clients. Different roles access to different pages but how can I set up the links?

    I’d made a suggestion (look here where all intranet pages are showing but if you belongs to “After-Sales” you can only access that site. If you click eg at the link to HR, you only get the message: “This is a page for internal information. You don’t have permissions to view this page. Go back or contact an administrator if you need access.”
    But the customer didn’t want that. He didn’t wants the different roles/departments to see the links… So now I have to come up with a solution where I can hide/show conent from different roles OR to create dirrefent menys and hide/show for different roles.

    Is this possible?



    Do you use WordPress built-in front-end menu to show those links? If ‘Yes’, you can use ‘Front-end menu access’ add-on and setup, what role can see what menu item.


    No I didn’t but now I rebuilt it as a menu and manage it to work the way we wanted. Nice! =) I like this plugin! =D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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