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    Hi, I am setting a multisite environment with custom user roles Basic, Advanced, Ultimate etc. Each user assign to the new user roles are the administrators of their subsites and every one of them has the capabilities to create and delete users. I need to hide specific user roles in the dropdown list when they create a new user. To be more specific, Basic, Advanced, Ultimate etc roles, shouldn’t have the ability to assign author or editor role to new users they create. Only register or any user role I need because there is a hierachy between users. Basic cannot assign Advanced or Ultimate or above, Advanced cannot create Ultimate or above but can create Basic and below. This is an example to make you understand my needs. I really thank you for this exceptional plugin which I use many years (the free version for simple websites) but in this multisite installation I really need this solution. The ideal for me is to send me a code that includes and excludes user roles when specific user role is true and I will copy-paste and change the roles according to my additions. Thank you very much. And please, consider this feature as an otion to your next update, when create a new user role to be able to check what other roles can be assigned.



    Look at the Other roles access add-on. You may block access to the other roles for the selected role.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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