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    I’ve tried but cannot figure out how to hide the “add page” link at dashboard > pages. Disabling the publish capability still has the link, posts are simply not given a publish button but a “submit for review” option. I would like to entirely remove the add page link but allow user to edit existing pages, is this possible?



    WordPress by default uses the same ‘edit_pages’ capability for both “edit” and “add new” buttons. In order to change this go to “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab and turn on the “Activate “Create” capability for posts/pages/custom post types” option. URE will reconfigure WordPress to use ‘create_pages’ for ‘add new’ button as a result.

    Take into account that URE automatically grants ‘create_posts’ and ‘create_pages’ capabilities to the ‘administrator’ role only. You may need to re-check your roles (contributor, author, editor and others) to ensure users don’t lose ‘add new’ functionality where they should have it.


    Thank you Vladimir, you’re always on point with the help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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