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    We have an existing Role that we want to add access for its Users to be able to Add/Edit/Delete Gravity Forms, but for Delete, they can only Delete the Forms they created. We don’t want them creating forms that others created. However, can we some how connect Users so that similar Users can edit/delete the same forms? This is for a School District that has 15 schools. We have a Role called School Page Editor which gives any User with that Role and access to their School’s Page (Page ID) to make changes. Each school has 3-5 people/users. So is there a way to do something similar to page/post ID but with Gravity Forms? I know the “Add” part would be an issue (because no Form ID would exist yet), and if needed, someone at a higher level could start the form to get the ID.


    You may use “Gravity Forms Access” add-on, and specify, which forms (by forms ID list) allow/prohibit to edit for selected user of user role.

    gravityforms_delete_forms does not give access to the forms list itself, gravityforms_edit_forms is required. So user will can edit forms too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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