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    I have a plugin called Participants Database I use on some sites. I want to be able to give certain users access to this plugin on the admin menu but when I look under the Admin Menu module in my User Role Editor I don;t even see this plugin as an option. How can I add this?


    This plugin adds its own menu with empty capability (3rd parameter):

    // define the plugin admin menu pages
                self::PLUGIN_NAME, array(__CLASS__, 'include_admin_file')

    This is the reason why Admin menu add-on does not show “Participants Database” menu item. I will try to fix this compatibility issue.

    Alternative way to manage access to the “Participants Database” plugin is to use its own drop-down menus to select roles for 2 levels of access to it: admin and records editing.


    This plugin has its own fluid system of required user capability definition.
    With Admin role selected at Plugin access level it is enough to have ‘manage_options’ capability to get full access to this plugin.
    With Editor selected at ‘Record Edit Access Level’ drop-down menu it is enough ‘edit_others_posts’ to get access to the list/add participants menus (screenshot attached).
    For ‘Contributor’ selected it will be ‘edit_posts’.

    Version 4.18.b2 updated this way:
    Admin menu items with empty user capability are available in “Admin menu access” add-on now. “Participants Database” plugin defines its menu this way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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