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    I’m using the Document Library Pro plugin by Barn2 (

    There is a menu option that is only available to Admin users. This option is labelled ‘Import’.

    I need the Editor role to have this capability, but can’t work out how to add this.

    I had a look at the URL Parameter Whitelist

    The Base URL of the ‘Import’ page is: admin.php?page=dlp_import
    The allowed arguments are: pages

    The Admin Menu for “administrator has the following information for the Import menu option:
    User capability: manage_options
    URL: admin.php?page=dlp_import

    Not sure what other information would be of use?


    Try this:
    1) grant ‘manage_options’ to editor role via URE.
    2) login under user with editor role, test if he sees ‘Import’ menu item.
    3) User “Admin menu” to block for editor role menu items, which are not needed for this role, like ‘Settings’, etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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