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    Give Access for Better Docs plugin to a user.
    Hi there, I use the better docs plugin, and I created a new role in WordPress, but none of the better docs options wouldn’t add to the user dashboard
    I tested that with editor and contributor roles, but it did not work either
    please test this for me:

    BetterDocs – Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin


    Better Docs (BD) protects its admin menu items using this user capabilities by default:
    BetterDocs – edit_posts
    All Docs – edit_posts
    Add New – edit_posts
    Categories – delete_others_posts
    Tags – delete_others_posts
    Quick Setup – delete_users
    Settings – administrator

    It’s possible to replace the default capabilities using custom filters. Look below which filters BD plugin uses for this purpose:

    $betterdocs_articles_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_articles_caps', 'edit_posts', 'article_roles' );
    		$betterdocs_terms_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_terms_caps', 'delete_others_posts', 'article_roles' );
    		$betterdocs_settings_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_settings_caps', 'administrator', 'settings_roles' );

    it doesn’t work on the pro version of the better docs
    when I upgrade better docs to the pro version, all its menu item will disappear


    With BD Pro look at its settings. It has an option to select which role what to do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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