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    NDC mediagroep

    Hey all,

    I am using User Role Editor Pro to acces editor roles to certain pages; restricted by page-ID and own created content. There are 8 editors in this company + 1 administrator.

    When I switch to one of the editor I see the pages that this editor is allowed to edit. This works fine.
    But when I look at the media library I only see the media attached to the selected pages.

    I really would like the editors to have access to the complete media library + their selected pages.
    In that way the administrator can upload a image that all editors can use. So no 8 the same images will be uploaded to the library. This way we will keep the media library as clean and small as possible.

    Hope you can help.



    Hi Marc,

    It’s possible to change this default behaviour via filter ure_attachments_show_full_list.

    NDC mediagroep

    Hey Vladimir,

    it looks like that should do the trick.

    Where should I put the code?

    Thanx again for the quick reply!


    It’s for your choice:
    1) active theme’s functions.php file
    2) separate .php file at the wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder as a must use plugin.

    NDC mediagroep

    Morning Vladimir,

    I did the following;
    – copied the code you suggested into a plain text file. Name it media.php
    – created a mu-plugings directory in wp-content of website
    – saved the php-file into this directory
    – logged in again as a editor and went to media library

    I get the following error at the top of my screen and my library keeps blank with a spinning icon like its working.
    s_show_full_list’, ‘show_full_list_of_attachments’, 10, 1); function show_full_list_of_attachments($show_all) { return true; }

    Am I doing something wrong?

    NDC mediagroep


    I tried the other option and used the code in the functions.php from the child theme and that works perfectly 😉



    The most probable problem with a separate file media.php was that it should be started from


    characters at the separate 1st line.


    Hi Vladimir, i have the same problem. I tried the above funtions.php and broke my site. And now I have bought a year’s subscription.


    What do you mean by activating theme’s funtion php file?


    I mean active theme, not activate. So you need to insert a code into a functions.php file of the active theme.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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