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    EDIT: It looks like Redis object cacheing was the issue, flushing cache corrected issue.

    I have enabled ” Force custom post types to use their own capabilities” so custom post types can have more control. One user assigned as an administrator has all permissions enabled for a custom post type that were set as default as checked at the administrator level. I have decided against enabling these permissions at the administrator level and have disabled them via settings > user role editor.

    The issue is that if I edit the user’s role permissions directly, the custom post type check boxes are enabled and greyed out, so I am unable to disable the permissions at the user level. I’m on a multisite install and even resettings user roles via tools > reset has no effect. How do I edit user roles on a per user basis if the check boxes are greyed out and I can’t uncheck them? TIA


    Capabilities assigned to a user via role(s) may be revoked from a user via role(s) only. That’s why such checkboxes are shown in grey color, disabled.

    You can create another role and grant it to a user instead of previous one. You can just revoke role from a user and grant him needed capabilities directly after that.


    Thank you so much!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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