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    Hello, I purchased this plugin because I searched for this capability and found this older article.

    Allow user to edit selected posts and pages only

    This is exactly what I need however I didn’t notice the date of the post until after I bought it and it didn’t work as expected. There is no ability to add the posts a user can edit via their user profile page on the admin anymore. Is this feature still available? Is it available in an older version of the plugin that I could use instead of the current version?



    I have the pro version however the section in the user profile where I should be able to select which specific posts/pages the user can edit does not show up. I have activated that feature in the user role editor options


    This article is still up to date. Look at it as documentation page. Yes, it was written some months ago, but it describes a working feature, may be except of some minor changes.

    Can this user edit posts or pages? “Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types Editor Restrictions” section is shown is a user profile page only for users who can edit posts or pages. Settings from this section does not bring to a user any new permissions. All it is about to restrict the existing editing access, narrow down it.

    You will not see this section at user profile, if a user has ‘administrator’ role. There is no sense to restrict site super administrator.


    Thank you. I was attempting to add editing capabilities to users with a ‘subscriber’ role which was the issue.

    Thanks for this plugin!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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