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    I set B2B users to be able to edit only their own posts. In the backend, B2B are seeing only their own posts and it is wwhat i need

    But in front, I’m displaying all posts (First table : posts belonging to B2B – Second table : posts not belonging to B2B)
    I loggedin as B2B user and see that i can edit non B2B posts !!!

    Test :
    b2b / b2b123456

    Thank you for your help



    I see the problem.

    If you try to open other author post (like 103) at the back-end post editor via direct link:
    you will get permissions error message:
    Désolé, vous n’avez pas l’autorisation de modifier les entrées dans ce type de contenu.

    It’s possible if front-end editor code does not respect permissions set by WordPress. For example it may check if current user can edit_posts, but it may does not check if current user can edit this post ID=103 and send update directly to the database.

    Could you send me (support [at-sign] this front-end editor code (plugin or theme) copy for the investigation?


    Just assumption. But it could be a quick workaround. If b2b role has ‘edit_others_posts’ (or quotations) capability, try to revoke it. It may help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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