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    Let’s say I have a user who is an Editor.
    They go to our login page and log in. Now they need to change their password. So, once they are on the dashboard they click their name “Howdy, name” on the upper right hand corner. That opens the dropdown for “Edit my Profile”
    Normally, (and for me in my account as an administrator), clicking “Edit my Profile” takes you to /wp-admin/profile.php where you can change your password, etc.
    For this Editor, though, they click “Edit my Profile.” The address bar briefly shows the “/wp-admin/profile.php” However, before the page loads, it redirects to “/wp-admin/index.php” which is the dashboard. They get stuck on the dashbaord.
    I am logged into an Editor account on a separate browser right now. The same issue occurs if you just click your username, not just “Edit my Profile.”

    I’ve checked every setting in the plugin settings and capabilities for specific roles and can’t figure this one out!


    Does left side admin menu “Profile->Your profile” is available for your ‘editor’ role?
    If ‘Not’, do you see ‘Admin menu” button at “Users->User Role Editor”.
    If ‘Yes’, open “Admin Menu” for ‘editor’ role and check if you didn’t block “Profile->Your profile” menu item suddenly for ‘editor’ role.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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