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    I recently purchased this plugin and it doesn’t seem to work. From the top section under Core > Posts, for Author role type, I have certain permissions enabled. If I then navigate to anything under Custom Post Type and change the permission for that post type it affects the permissions in Core > Posts. It’s incredibly confusing as to what you are selecting because it affects something else in another node.

    Please advise… :/



    To make matters worse, if you deselect something in a specific custom post type and save, it actually removes other default behavior. For example…I cloned a new Role called Coach from Author. I then went in to the Author role and deselected capabilities from a specific post type. Unbeknownst to me it actually deselected a bunch of other settings and now that role can’t even see the admin menu. :/



    About custom post type capabilities:
    Custom post type is defined with special parameter ‘capability type’. If custom post type uses the same capability type as the WordPress built-in ‘post’ does, that is ‘post’, then this custom post type is protected by the same capabilities set: edit_posts, ‘delete_posts’, ‘publish_posts’, etc.
    Any capability, like ‘edit_posts’ is granted to a role, not to a custom post type, or WordPress built-in type post. Capabilities groups to the left in a User Role Editor just shows a kind of permissions required for access to the functionality related to a group. Thus if few post types uses the same capability type you change access to all of them at once when: revoke ‘edit_post’ from a role. It does not matter which group you use to find ‘edit_posts’ and turn OFF its checkbox.

    If you need manage access to all custom post types separately there is a special option at “Settings->User Role Editor”: “force custom post types use their own capabilities”.
    You have to aware that if you turn this option ON, you need to check roles if they have needed capabilities, e.g. ‘edit_attachments’, etc., as every post type will get its own capability type: post type ‘video’ – ‘edit_videos’, ‘project’: ‘edit_projects’, etc.



    author role includes these capabilities by default:

    ‘read’ capability (General group) allows to user access wp-admin by default. If you have active WooCommerce, it changes this WordPress default behavior. User should have one from these capabilities for access to wp-admin:
    manage_woocommerce, edit_posts, view_admin_dashboard.

    This may explain why user can not access wp-admin, after you revoke ‘edit_posts’ from his role.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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