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    Hello, I use the Admin Menu Editor Pro
    and UserRole Editor Pro together.

    Are there any known issues?

    My personal problem is
    In the backend (url / wp-admin), the Dashboard is not displayed with the nether menus. for users who should actually have insight will not just appear.



    I don’t know any compatibility issue between AME and URE to this moment.
    1st of all, a role should have the ‘read’ capability to get access to the ‘Dashboard’ menu.
    Check if ‘Dashboard’ menu is not blocked at both plugins.
    Will ‘Dashboard’ menu appear for user if you deactivate AME and URE both?
    If ‘Yes’ try to deactivate only one plugin to know what plugin causes access problem. Then check its settings for this menu item again.


    Thx for the fast answer!

    Admin Menu Editor security log

    Current user can edit the admin menu.
    Current URL: “”
    The current menu item is “Menu Editor Pro”, menu template ID: “options-general.php>menu_editor”
    Figuring out what capability the user will need to access this item…
    Checking “Menu Editor Pro” permissions:
    – No custom permissions for the “sCope” username.
    – The current user is not a Super Admin, or this is not a Multisite install.
    – Current user’s role: administrator, bbp_keymaster
    – No custom permissions for the “administrator” role.
    – No custom permissions for the “bbp_keymaster” role.
    – There are no custom permissions for the current user or any of their roles.
    – Checking the default required capability: manage_options
    + The current user HAS the “manage_options” capability.
    = Result: ALLOW
    Skipping a “manage_options” capability check because we’ve already determined that the current user should have access.
    No “extra capability” set.
    Final capability setting: manage_options
    The current user has the “manage_options” capability.
    ALLOW access.


    I didn’t understood for what you showed me the log about to access to the ‘Menu Editor Pro’ menu item. You wrote earlier that you have a problem with access to the ‘Dashboard’ menu. Or do the problem is about the access to the other menu item?

    Anyway please answer on my questions:
    Did you try to deactivate both plugins which you suppose are conflicting? Did it help to get access to the missed menu?
    Did you try to activate plugins separately?
    Do user loses access to the menu item after some plugin separate activation?


    Sry first at all.

    I’ve hope maybe u see on the first look some issue/ troubles.

    There is no diffrent if i deaktivate both Plugins or than later just one of them.

    The Problem is:

    All other Users can’t see the Full Dashboard Menu.
    But i give all the rights for it.


    If user doesn’t see the menu with both plugins deactivated (I suppose that you don’t have some other menu blocking plugin) then user does not have enough permissions for this menu.

    OK. Let’s clarify, what do you name ‘Dashboard’ menu.
    WordPress has ‘Dashboard’ menu item with submenu consisted from 2 items: Home, Updates.
    Do you write about this menu?
    Or do you write about full admin menu? What menu item user does not see? Let’s try to resolve a problem with some menu item 1st.


    Okay we Talk about this Menu
    (Left Side)


    1st, to be sure that there is no other code preventing needed access, could you deactivate all plugins?
    2nd, what menu item is unavailable for other (non-admin) user?


    This image shows was a other “Admin“



    OK. I see now that admin menus are really different and user can edit posts but does not see ‘Posts’ menu.

    Are you sure that all WordPress customizing plugins are disabled at your site when you get this picture?


    I.Check again
    And i’m Sure no Plugins are aktiv


    Is it possible that your theme setup the different menus for the different roles?
    Try to test admin menu access with the WordPress default 2015 theme.


    Oh My God.

    U’ve absloutly right! but on my development environment it’s works fine…
    Have any ideas where the Problem can be`?


    – Check if valid role was really assigned to the user. Try to assign to him some other role, then needed role back again. Sometimes it helps.
    – Check related theme’s settings, compare them with those were set at dev. environment.

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