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    Hi I am using Divi theme by Elegant themes and all was ok until yesterday. I have created a role so that users assigned with it can only edit the pages that they own as authors, but when I try and load the page (when logged in as one of these users) the page just shows that it’s trying to load over and over again and never stops. I have no problem creating new pages, but this is particularly the case on pages where divi builder has been used, instead of default editor in divi theme.

    I have tried all sorts of configurations but had no luck. I wondered if there might be a conflict with Divi’s own role editor. When I looked, the custom role I had created doesn’t show in the available options in Divi Role Editor. However, it seems like the default in divi is to give all permissions to all roles.

    Do you have any ideas?



    My test showed that Divi Role Editor shows only roles which has ‘edit_posts’ capability. Try to add it to your role and check if it will become visible at Divi Role Editor after that.


    thank you. I only needed the role to be able to edit pages so had switched off options to do with posts. That has fixed it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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