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    Hi, we use a wordpress site for an intranet with buddypress and bbpress. All members have a main role “author” and a “participant” role for forums. We have public and private forums. When I activate the “content view restriction” in URE, content topics and answers on forums are no longer visible for members. It works only with an “editor” role or high level. This is a major problem for the management of our intranet site, can you help me?



    “Content view restrictions” should do nothing with “topics” and “answers” until you apparently set them for them. Please re-check your settings for role and for the topics/answers, which are not available.
    Does members see private forums if you deactivate “content view restrictions” add-on. As I remember ‘participant” role does not allow to read private forums by default. For example I had to add to it:
    – read_private_forums;
    – read_private_topics;
    – read_private_replies;
    – read_hidden_forums.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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