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    Hi, I had pro installed on a site where I no longer want it and want to use it on another site.

    I added it tot eh new site, entered the licence key and all worked beautifully. But then it all disappeared – I’m guessing because the other site is still showing in your system as active.

    I can’t see anywhere I can change to the new site – is it possible? I don’t have backend access to the old site now to deactivate the plugin.



    It’s better to deactivate plugin at the older place before activate it at a new one.
    Btw., license key is important only for access to the automatic updates. Plugin does not block/hide itself due to license state.

    Try login as a user with WP built-in administrator role. URE makes itself available for this role automatically. If you don’t see URE as such user, try to deactivate URE and activate it back. If it’s not visible at the “Plugins” page make this via FTP:
    – rename user-role-editor-pro folder to user-role-editor-pro-1;
    – open ‘Plugins’ page again. WP will automatically deactivate URE, is its files are not available;
    – rename URE folder back to user-role-editor-pro;
    – return to “Plugins” page and activate URE again.
    URE tries to grant its user capabilities to administrator role on activation.


    Thanks Vladimir.

    Deactivating and reactivating it seems to have done the trick, thank you 🙂 And great to know the license key is mostly about automatic updates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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