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    I bought the pro version to restrict view of certain plugins – but cannot see where this is actioned. It does not seem to have given me any more options than the free version. Please help


    Hi Steve,

    This feature is for access restriction to the plugin activation. In case you have some users except administrator with ‘activate_plugins’ capability and wish to allow them access definite plugins only at the plugins list (“Plugins” menu) to activate/deactivate.
    1) Activate this functionality by turning on the “Activate per plugin user access management for plugins activation:” checkbox at the “User Role Editor” Settings page: menu “Settings”=>”User Role Editor”. In case you use WordPress multi-site, use Settings menu at the Network Center.
    2) Check if user has “activate_plugins” capability
    2) Go to that user profile and input plugins to which you wish to allow access
    That’s it.
    Did you look this support video?



    I also bought the pro version to restrict view of certain plugins but i don’t want to let (in my case) moderators to (de)activate plugins i want to select if they can use them.

    This is my case: I have a website with a forum. Changes to the forum (adding topics etc) are done from the backend. Now only admins can change the forum settings because when other users login the plugin is not visible. I want to select if a user level can see/use a plugin not (de)activate it.

    Can this be done? If not this plugin is not for me i’m afraid.

    Thank you in advance.

    Gr. Patrick



    Write please, what plugin do you use for forum?
    If it is bbPress, then User Role Editor will not help you to change its roles. bbPress roles and capabilities are not shown in User Role Editor.
    If you use for forum some other plugin, I may check what roles or capabilities that plugin uses and try to help you to find the decision.



    Hello Vladimir,

    Thank you for the fast response.

    The forum is “Mingle Forum”:

    Mingle Forum creates 5 user roles on installation.

    If you need more information please let me know.

    Thanks again.


    Quick turnaround how to provide ability to use “Mingle Forum” menu items to other WP users, not “administrator” only. Mingle Forum menu is created at the mingle-forum/wpf.class.php file with this code starting from line #181.

    add_menu_page(__("Mingle Forum - Options", "mingleforum"), "Mingle Forum", "mingle-admin", "mingle-forum", array(&$wpfa, "options"), WPFURL."images/logo.png");
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("Mingle Forum - Options", "mingleforum"), __("Options", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mingle-forum', array(&$wpfa, "options"));
    add_submenu_page('mingle-forum', __('Ads', 'mingleforum'), __('Ads', 'mingleforum'), "mingle-admin", 'mfads', array(&$wpfa, "ads"));
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("Skins", "mingleforum"), __("Skins", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mfskins', array(&$wpfa, "skins"));
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("Forum Structure - Categories & Forums", "mingleforum"), __("Forum Structure", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mfstructure', array(&$wpfa, "structure"));
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("Moderators", "mingleforum"), __("Moderators", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mfmods', array(&$wpfa, "moderators"));
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("User Groups", "mingleforum"), __("User Groups", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mfgroups', array(&$wpfa, "usergroups"));
    add_submenu_page("mingle-forum", __("About", "mingleforum"), __("About", "mingleforum"), "mingle-admin", 'mfabout', array(&$wpfa, "about"));

    Original code has “administrator” string instead of “mingle-admin” inside. I replaced it for your convenience. Replace original code with the code above. Then add new user capability “mingle-admin” with “User Role Editor” and turn it on for selected roles. This way user with “mingle-admin” capability in his role will be capable to use Mingle Forum menu.


    Thank you. That did the job!

    This is what i call customer service! Could only hope that all plugin makers where like this.

    Have a great weekend.

    Greetings Patrick

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