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    Hi Benny,

    WPML: wpml_% capabilities were lost somehow. I added 3 of them. ‘WPML’ menu is available for admin now.

    1st results for ‘My Testimonials’ access. You changed this plugin custom post type to ‘testimonial’ in its Settings.
    Plugin commercegurus-toolkit registers ‘testimonials’ custom post type which conflicts with ‘My Testimonials’ after you turn ON ‘force custom post type to use own capabilities’ in URE.
    1) If you deactivate ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ plugin you will get back full access to ‘My Testimonials’.
    2) If you turn OFF related option at URE Settings you will get back full access to ‘My Testimonials’ without deactivating ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ plugin.
    For the 1st glance, some mess with custom post types registration takes place here. CPT registered by ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ (Projects, Showcases, Testimonials, Top Reviews, Announcements) are not available in WP admin menu until you switch to other theme, like WP default 2017 one.


    I’ve tried several ways of getting to work around the methods. But both do not seem to work. As we do need the commercegurus toolkit for the website. As it will deprive the functionalities on the website to my knowledge. The second option doesn’t work completely as I then do not have the right privileges anymore on the Client role. Is there a different way to work around this?

    Great work on the fix for WPML.

    Hope to hear soon from you so we can make this work on every aspect. Testimonial wise / wp quiz etc. I also cannot find the Media library anymore.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Benny,

    I don’t have admin access to your site as provided user has restricted access again. Is it possible to register a separate user for me until we work on the problems?

    Is it critical for you to have default custom post type ID at “Indeed My Testimonials VC” plugin changed to “testimonial”? I mean that this ID apparently conflicts in some areas with ‘testimonials’ custom post type registered by commercegurus-toolkit plugin.


    To resolve a conflict between 2 plugins which both work with testimonials, rename custom post type at ‘My Testimonials->General Settings’ from ‘testimonial’ to any other, like ‘mytestimonial’. Then grant to ‘administrator’ role all capabilities under ‘Testimonials’ group. You will restore access to a full ‘My Testimonials’ menu this way.

    But as existing testimonials are stored at the database with ‘testimonial’ post type you will not see them at the testimonials list until you replace post type there too. You will need myPhpAdmin or similar SQL tool for this purpose. Execute this command against your database:

    update wp_posts set post_type='mytestimonial' where post_type='testimonial';

    Do not forget to replace ‘mytestimonial’ to post type ID you selected.


    I’ve made an account with your emailadress given earlier.

    So far the above worked accordingly. However on the made user: “Klant”. It doesn’t show the contents of the Mytestimonials. So he cannot approve or edit them yet from his own dashboard.

    Currently what isn’t working or showing yet is:
    – Testimonial content not showing up. On user made ‘klant’ the contents of testimonials are empty. However on administrator role, its full.
    – Media: Not showing in side menu.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Testimonials empty


    Once pressed on “add new testimonial”. It redirects me back to the dasboard index page. Are these bugs plugin related or they have to do with the permissions not working accordingly?


    I still don’t have access to your site. Tried twice to reset password with ‘support [at-sign]’ and did not get any message from your site.

    Empty testimonials list – check if any edit restrictions was set for Klant role or a user with this role.

    Redirection to dashboard on add new testimonial – do you block some menu items for Klant role with ‘Admin menu’?

    Media – check if related permissions are granted to a role under “Custom Post Types -> Media” group.


    Found reset password email messages in a SPAM folder. Got access to your site. Thanks.


    My Testimonials empty list – there were posts edit restrictions set at Rowan user profile. User sees all testimonials after I removed those restrictions: posts ID list.

    My Testimonials -> Add New: redirection: URL was blocked for a role at admin menu. It works now.

    Media menu – it was unaccessible for a role as it does not have ‘upload_files’ capability.

    Please re-test now.


    Great almost there now!

    As I do want to give the user only permissions to 2 pages he can edit. Which were the ones set there! Is this still possible now or does it create a conflict again?


    It’s not a conflict, it’s a feature.
    When you add edit restrictions, they are applied to all post types by default. Thus, user can see just those 2 pages and do not see any ‘mytestimonial’ items. If user should see all ‘mytestimonial’ posts, then you can exclude ‘mytestimonial’ post type from edit restrictions scope. Use this hook for that – replace ‘post’ in a code sample with ‘mytestimonial’.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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