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    I have buyed the plugin, first of all a great solution for wordpress.
    But I have a problem with making a new user role that cant acces the admin dashboard.

    Im using a wordpress multisite as a superadmin..

    I want to make a user role for “developers”
    Who have restricted acces to some specific features.

    Tried to make (copy) a new role from the administrator role but its not presented in the list.

    Because thats not possible copyied the “editor” role to “developer”
    and change the desired capability’s

    I have read out some topic’s:

    WooCommerce admin bar and dashboard access

    Create new Role – no dashboard access

    New role – admin access

    But this doesn’t work out for me on wordpress 4.9.8 & Woocommerce 3.5.2



    It’s possible to show ‘administrator’ role inside User Role Editor roles drop-down lists. Turn ON related checkbox at “Settings->User Role Editor->General” tab.

    As you have active WooCommerce – this plugin automatically redirects to front-end any role without ‘manage_woocomerce’ and ‘edit_posts’ and ‘view_admin_dashboard’ capabilities. Such role will not have access to admin dashboard.

    Role with admin access – create new role as a copy of ‘administrator’ role or just turn on all capabilities using special “bulk selection” checkbox at the top (to the left from the ‘Quick filter’ label.

    Will developer install/change .php files (plugins/theme)? If Yes, be aware that user with such permissions can get full access to the site in spite of any restrictions made via WordPress user interface.


    Thank you for the reply, the option to show the administrator is succeeded.

    The problem already exist before I installed woocommerce

    But after all, I will forwarded to the homepage with the developer copy from administrator role.
    Even with making a new role and check all capability’s included the:
    – manage_woocomerce
    – edit_post
    – view_admin_dashboard

    The developer must only have permissions to update/activate plugins.

    When change the user role of the user to the original “administrator”
    The user will be straight directed to the admin dashboard..

    Which code will be required at the moment from the mentioned topics?


    It may be other plugin settings. Try to deactivate all plugins temporary and re-test. Then activate plugins back one by one and make another test to isolate a problematic one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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