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    Hello all!,

    I’m receiving a not authorized error when trying to access the settings page of a plugin (Connections Business Directory) on a multi-site WordPress. The settings show correctly in the main site, but in the subsite I can only access the dashboard/etc but the settings page does not show as an option and if I try to use the url to access it I get not authorized. I checked the permissions /capabilities of the plugin assigned to the user and they are all enabled for my user. They are exactly the same as in the main site (which works). I’m not sure where to look as everything seems to be correctly configured (user/roles/capabilities/etc.)

    Thanks in advance



    Is CBD plugin network activated?
    Or do you activate it for every site separately?


    It is not network activated. It is activated on each site that uses it. It used to work just fine, however a couple of months ago we lost the ability to access the settings in the subsites.


    I see that a mode of activation is not important. My test shows that Connections->Settings admin menu item is available in case user can ‘connections_change_settings’ capability.
    More, plugin has own role editor – Connections->Roles, available to user who can ‘connection_change_roles’.

    Look again if some of capabilities started from ‘connections_’ was missed for a role at subsite. I don’t see another reason without deep investigation of CBD plugin code.


    Thanks for the reply. The user is a super admin and the permissions for all sites are the same – I can see the roles (connections_change_settings and Connections change roles) checked for the user trying to edit the settings) I tried a different user with a role that is authorized (has all connection capabilities checked) and it doesn’t work either.

    It only works in the main site while it still not working in the subsites 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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