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    I want members to be able to add members to groups, delete forum posts and delete members to group. I don’t want them to have access to plugins/admin stuff. How should I setup that access?


    BuddyPress requires ‘manage_options’ capability in order a user has access to the “Groups” and “Activity” menu items. So we have to grant to a role at least the ‘read’ and ‘manage_options’ user capabilities to allow it the access to the “Groups” at wp-admin.

    It’s possible to block “Settings” and other admin menu items protected by the same ‘manage_options” capability, using User Role Editor Pro add-on “Admin Menu Access


    I am sorry, I am a bit new to your plugin. So your advice is to select: read, manage_options. But what do I do to block settings by manage_options?


    I recommend to use “Admin menu access” add-on for this purpose. There is a link to the post with example at the end of that post.


    Ok great. It looks like everything is working for a new user I created but they can’t add friends in order to add them to a group. What would I check to make that possible or do I have to set something up differently to get them to be able to add people to groups?



    Do you mean ‘add user’ when ask about ‘add friend’?
    If ‘Yes’, then add ‘list_users’, ‘edit_users’ capabilities to this user role.


    Looks like things are working except the adding people to the group. How can this be done in Buddypress without admin rights?


    ‘manage_options’ is enough in my case to add the existing user to a group.
    This is a video how such user adds a new user to a group.
    This is a video how I created such role and user:

    Let me know what you can not do (screenshots, videos) from the actions shown above.


    Thank you for the videos. I have created one but they can still access the admin area – http://lifeonairecoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Screen-Shot-2016-11-21-at-7.11.37-PM.png. I noticed you showed the admin user at first, do I need to do something to that user. If so, that was not in my UserRole area, I don’t have Admin as an option – http://lifeonairecoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Screen-Shot-2016-11-21-at-7.13.14-PM.png

    I can go in again and create another user, using your directions, but I am pretty sure I followed them exactly as you had in your video. Let me know what you suggest.


    Do you use the latest version of URE Pro 4.29.1? Version 4.29 did not apply admin menu access restrictions to a user with ‘delete_users’ capability, as WordPress core is_super_admin() function returns TRUE for such user.

    I use ‘administrator’ role to look what capability protects a needed menu item, as ‘administrator’ has a full access to the menu.

    In order to see ‘Administrator’ role at the list of roles at ‘User Role Editor’ you need to turn ON the ‘Show Administrator role at User Role Editor’ option at “Settings->User Role Editor->General” tab.


    I have looked over the admin menu and still can’t figure out how to un-allow all the admin settings I am still seeing on my buddypress user. I have tried deselecting many settings but I can either see all admin settings or see none but then can’t change groups/other buddypress stuff. Please advise.


    What version of User Role Editor Pro do you use?
    Show screenshots with settings you made at “Admin menu” or let me check on-line. Send admin login credentials to support [at-sign] role-editor.com in the 2nd case.

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