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    In our auto suggest functionality we used WordPress ajax functionality. We are getting page redirection issue in place of actual ajax response if user is not logged in. We got proper response from ajax call if user logged in backend. If we disable the plugin then all the ajax calls are working as per expectation.

    Can you please suggest what we have to do stop page redirection on ajax call?


    Let me know what checkboxes are turned on at the your site Settings->User Role Editor -> Additional Modules tab?


    Just tested URE Pro with all add-ons activated together with my own plugin, which uses front-end calls to WordPress AJAX.
    It’s built according to this doc. page:
    It works fine as for logged-in, as for non-logged-in users.

    So I need more information to repeat an issue.
    If your functionality is included into the theme or plugin, is it possible to get it for the testing?


    We have checked below check box in setting section.

    1> General
    1.1 Edit user capabilities
    2>Additional Modules – All options are checked.
    2.1 Count users without role
    2.2 Activate Administrator Menu Access module
    2.3 Activate Widgets Access module
    2.4 Activate Other Roles Access module
    2.5 Activate “Create Post/Page” capability
    2.6 Activate user access management to editing selected posts and pages
    2.7 Activate per plugin user access management for plugins activation
    2.8 Activate [user_role_editor roles=”role1, role2, …”] shortcode
    2.9 Show content view restriction meta box at post/page editor


    what are the other information you required? If you required then we plan to chat on skype for more info on this. jitendra.rathod.ifc


    I provide support via forum or email only.

    Is it possible to get your theme or plugin copy with step by step instruction how to repeat an issue? If “yes” send the installation package to support [at-sign]
    I will use it at localhost for the testing purpose only.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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