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    I’ve install URE Pro im a multisite. When logged in as a subsite administrator user, I’m unable to see the list of admin users under WordPress’ “All Users” (ie. wp-admin/users.php?role=administrator). How can I make it appear again?


    URE protects users with ‘administrator’ role from each other under WP multisite by deafault.
    In order to show single site administrators back, and allow edit users:
    1) Go to Network admin->Settings->User Role Editor->Multisite and turn ON the “Allow single site administrator access to User Role Editor” and “Allow non super administrators to create, edit, and delete users”.
    2) Go to “Users->User Role Editor” and grant to ‘Administrator’ role the ‘ure_manage_options’ user capability.

    Another way is switch URE built-in administrators protection using ‘ure_supress_administrators_protection’ custom filter. Just return TRUE for it.


    Great! Thanks for the quick response, Vladimir!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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