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    Wanted to give access to:
    Appearance > Menus
    Appearance > Widgets

    Want to Hide all others.

    In the admin menu I blocked the ones I wanted to hide and the others go missing. When person clicks on Appearance they get access to everything. How can I fix this?


    – Try to deactivate/activate URE Pro plugin.
    – Check if your admin menu block selections are in place for the selected role.
    – Check if person has the same role assigned for which you set admin menu blocking.


    Ran all tests. Seems a little buggy. Works sometimes but not every time. Sometimes when the user clicks on appearance they can see other options that are supposed to be blocked.


    Thanks for the information.
    Do you use the latest version 4.15?
    Any chance to repeat the issue according to the step by step description?

    Known issues:
    1) ‘Themes’ and ‘Customize’ menu items of ‘Appeance’ menu are not shown at the list of menu items to block and as the result they leave unblocked. It was fixed in the upcoming version 4.15.1
    2) Corresponding front end top bar admin menu items is not blocked. I plan to fully hide it for roles which has blocked menu items.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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