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    Having a major issue. I ticked the checkbox to hide the admin bar for a newly created user role.

    I tried to log into the system by the wp admin url and it now the just reverts to the and never shows the admin area.

    I then logged under admin role and un ticked this box and it still doesn’t load the wp-admin area at all. Any ideas to resolve this issue? I guess I can delete the role and start over… but just wanted to see if any has had the issue before.


    WP Version 4.6.1
    PHP 5.6.25
    MSQL 5.6.30


    I suppose that “Hide admin bar” checkbox is not a reason of this problem.
    Do you use WooCommerce? If yes, read this post.


    I do have WooCommerce but not using it. I have resolved this issue. Thanks for the info.

    Rose Ting

    I am also having the same problem.

    I don’t have WooCommence.

    I set up a new role. I could see the admin bar fine.

    I then ticked the hide admin bar. It hid it but when I tried to untick it, I couldn’t get the admin back.

    I cleared the server and browser caches over and over and also disabled the cache plugin to no avail.

    I then tried to get to it by entering


    I got there but the left hand admin menu contained a weird selection of options, none of which were the ones selected on the admin menu.

    I have created a new role now with a different name and copied Author and avoided the hide admin bar box to get around it which worked fine.

    However when I then deleted the old user role and re-created it by copying Author, it still had the same problem which implies there is a cache somewhere which I can’t clear?

    Have you any ideas or maybe the dalkid75 could let me know how he got out of the fix.

    Many thanks



    Hi Sheila,

    Hiding admin bar should not prevent access to the wp-admin. I suppose that you have some plugin which has option like ‘prevent access to wp-admin’ in its settings. Try to deactivate all plugins. Will user with such custom role get access to wp-admin? If ‘Yes’, then activate plugins back one by one with new test in order to isolate one which causes a problem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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