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    I have installed a plugin that needs to be allowed by editor role but does not show as an option. How to I assign this plugin as an option?


    You can activate “Admin menu access” add-on:
    select ‘Administrator’ role at Users->User Role Editor and look, what capability is used by plugin to protect its menu item(s).


    Hi Vladimir,

    What if it’s stil not showing up. I tried with the admin menu item and the plugin item.
    Are some plugins blocked or not possible? If so is there a way to add through an another way?

    I even cloned a new admin role, no capabilities changed. But stil for that cloned admin the plugin does not show op in the wp admin view?

    It’s this plugin



    Some plugins check user permissions not via user capability as they should by WordPress design, but check directly the role ID, like in this case with “User Login History”. You can see this yourself using “Admin menu” button for the ‘Administrator’ role:
    user login history admin menu permissions

    Looking into the ULH plugin source code for the ‘admistrator’ keyword just confirms this:
    User login history use administrator role

    You can replace ‘administrator’ in the source code with user capability, like ‘manage_options’ or your own. This is the only workaround until plugin developer will not agree to change direct usage of ‘administrator’ to user capability of his selection.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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