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    Context: our WP site uses several custom post types, and we need some users to be able to edit and delete them, whereas others can only list them, and others should not even see such contents in their dashboard.
    I just added a role through URE in the site, and when I removed some permissions in a specific content type, it was also applied to all others, as if they were linked. Let’s say we have the standard posts, pages, as well as news, rooms and machines : When I remove the permission for the new “intern” role in URE to do anything with the machines contents, then their dashboard appears nearly empty and they cannot access any other contents.
    Not sure what I could misread or misunderstand, as URE precisely allows to fine-tune such permissions ?



    To confirm: I also tested the other way round, i.e. after deleting the ability to create let’s say machines_post in that role and having it disappear from all post types on saving in URE, it is immediately back in all contents throughout the site when we readd it to any one of them. They act as if there were only 1 post type in our site ? Note that for those not having “_post” in their name, ex an SEO and a forms extension, this does not occur…

    Thank for your consideration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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